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Weddings, Love, and Dresses

When it’s spring and summer, life is beautiful. It’s June, prime wedding season and time for good company, dancing, rose petals, and literally being drunk in love. I have to say, I love weddings. Seeing people make the ultimate commitment to each other is inspiring. Falling in love is brave. Declaring it before all others is too. When I have a save-the-date or any big celebration coming up, I know I need to find a perfect party dress.

Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

As part of my ongoing work with Amazon’s MyHabit, I picked out three dresses that I would love to wear to some of my friends’ weddings this season. The plus-size dress sale happening today is full of designer dresses. I always know I can find something beautiful in my size.

Picture me in one of these dresses crying at your wedding because I’m a romantic at heart. Thank you to MyHabit, who sponsored this post. x

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CFDA Fashion Awards


CFDA Fashion Awards

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